With a dynamic combination of mellow airs, lively Celtic dance tunes, and rich vocal harmonies, Whispering Roses is sure to capture their audience at any event.

For the past nine years, Whispering Roses has delighted audiences at festivals and concerts throughout the northwest with their unique blend of Celtic, sacred and folk music. Mellow and sweet one moment, and breaking into lively dance tunes the next, Whispering Roses creates a rich tapestry of Celtic sounds. The four Bisceglia sisters - Sarah (piano), Janna (harp), Krista (recorders) and Kathrina (violin) - form the core of the band, and are often joined by their brother Noah on guitar, creating delightful family interactions on stage.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Whispering Roses is available for weddings, banquets and corporate events, or wherever live music would enhance the atmosphere. They are polished, professional, easy to work with, and sincere about helping you find the perfect music for your event.