We love to help each wedding celebration be a unique expression of love and promise through the music we play. Whether you are having a traditional church wedding, a small, informal wedding, an outdoor wedding, or a themed wedding, we can find the music for you!

  • Complementary, in-person consult to choose you music.
  • Choose your desired ensemble combination (soloist, duet, trio, quartet).
  • Custom music program for your special day.
  • Outfit choices to enhance your theme.
  • Elegant music for your reception or cocktail hour.
  • Over 8 years of experience playing for weddings.
What We Play

We create lush musical arrangements of Celtic, classical, hymns, traditional wedding songs and even your favorite movie themes! You can choose from piano, harp, recorder, or violin, or have them all for a full sound. The beautiful sound of sisters singing together can also add an extra romantic element to your ceremony.

Click here for a partial list of our repertoire.

What to Expect

We will arrive about 30 minutes early to meet with the event coordinator and set up. We start prelude music as your guests arrive, usually 20 minutes before the ceremony. When we get the signal, we will proceed to your chosen processional music. If desired, we can play a soft, meditative piece during a unity ceremony or other mid-ceremony moment. The recessional comes as a lively tune, just after you have been announced as husband and wife! We will finish with a few minutes of postludes as your guests exit.


"Thank you so much for providing a mini-concert for my father and me. I was immediately shocked at how talented you were both as individual musicians and as a group. I also enjoyed how comfortable you were with the music choices and your willingness to learn new music...
Thank you again for your wonderful music.”
Margaret, a happy bride

“Whispering Roses brought a youthful exuberance that was refreshing and authentic. Earnest and passionate in their abilities, their four-part music was a compelling background and solid backbone for a beautiful ceremony.
I have enjoyed Whispering Roses at weddings, concerts, and private gatherings. They bring a complete professionalism to all their engagements. I highly recommend Whispering Roses and trust that you will be as charmed and delighted as we were.”
Heather Hannam, mother of the bride

"What a blessing you have been to our family. We thank you for all of your time and hard work involved in playing for David and Keslie's wedding! Countless comments have been heard about the beauty of that music. We realize it took much planning, organizing and practice to make it all happen! We thank you all. What a memorable occasion it was indeed!"
With love,
The C. family